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All committed to stop the pandemic

Ensuring your safety is our main priority!

The following measures are subject to change.


  • Establishment of a systematic control system for the health passport
  • Optimization of flows, specially at the exhibition entrances & exits


  • Reinforced hygiene measures with disinfection of contact points
  • Reinforced ventilation


  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory for all
  • Distribution of hand sanitizer at each entry and exit and in the congress bags given to the delegates
  • Respect of social distancing
  • No maximum capacity in the conference room


  • Indoor catering is allowed

Be aware that the presentation of a valid health passport is compulsory for all willing to access the AFTES 2021 congress.
COVID-19 Rapid tests will be available during mornings at the entrance of the Congress.

A dedicated team will be assigned to control the health pass and to ensure compliance with the application of measures.

The underground, a space of innovation

The central theme of this edition is “the underground, a space of innovation”. The underground in fact offers very many opportunities, on the urban planning level - with the creation of a range of facilities and new activities-, with regard to the design of studies - in particular with the assistance of numerical modelling - and also with respect to the great strides that are being continuously made in boring and construction plant, equipment and products.

A large number of captivating prospects are therefore on the horizon for this AFTES 2020 Congress!

Organising Committee

MILLARD Philippe President of the Congress
BARROCA Bruno Students, competition, underground space
HUMBERT Emmanuel Scientific Commission
MERCUSOT Alain Planning Technical Content
MOHAMED Sakina Administration, accounting
PRE Michel Scientific Commission
SCHIVRE Magali Visits, innovations and international relations, AITES

Operational advisers

BAJARD Nicole Website, development of summaries and articles
GUILLAUD Maurice Proofreading and verification of translation of communications, international relations
VALIN François Exhibitors